Welcome to #DigPINS AUC!

Unlike faculty development experiences that center “how to” or a demonstration of how a technology is used with a specific pedagogical approach, DigPINS instead gives participants opportunities to determine their own path.

Rather than focusing on the tool or the method, DigPINS focuses on the person (you!) and the human experience of using technology in community. Using both open and closed environments, DigPINS also models what online teaching can look like in a variety of different approaches.

#DigPINS is strongly inspired by University of Mary Washington’s Domain of One’s Own Project, their faculty training initiative, and the established Community of Inquiry model. It is also heavily influenced by Heutagogy (self-determined learning) and Connected Learning principles (see Participation section).

#DigPINS Summer 2021 is running a global cohort. The following institutions are participating:

  • The American University in Cairo in Egypt (that’s us!)
  • Kenyon College in Ohio
  • St. Norbert College in Wisconsin

The curriculum focuses on guiding faculty and academic staff towards building and shaping a digital identity while asking questions about how one’s own digital identity informs our use technology within our teaching and scholarship. Participants in #DigPINS work in both public and private channels. Private channels provide a platform for community within the institution while the public interactions creates a larger inter-institutional platform. One of our more active public spaces is Twitter with the hashtag #DigPINS.

Most of the content for this year’s cohort will be at https://sum21.digpins.org/ and will be released on a weekly basis.

Week 0: Getting Started: Overview

Week 1: Modality (June 7-13)

Week 2: Equity (June 14- 20)

Week 3: Assessment (June 21-27)

Week 4: Participants’ Choice (June 28-July 3)

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