Who’s afraid of giving?

Thanks to conversations with Sarah Stroup, Maha Bali, and Mayara, I’ve realized that my recent post about “gender toxicity

Faces Covered, Voices Muffled: Curated Tips for Physically-Distanced & Masked Classes

My institution has announced plans to go back almost fully f2f (with maybe some dual delivery similar to low tech Hyflex), wit

Digital Scholarship: Digital Identity and Networking

Digital scholarship seems to be a combination of digital identity and networking for scholarly purposes.  Out of the four Dig

Digital Scholarship …

I have often wondered about who gets to see whose work, how, and where. At least in my case when I published my articles in su

Digital Pedagogy and Effective Online Teaching

This was the week that I had been most looking forward to in DigPINS.  I enjoy learning about new online apps and tools.

I have been thinking about “cheating”. Hmm!!!

Yes, I have. I have also been reading a great deal about assessment for/of/as learning. One of the sad reality is that teachin

Networking and Public Sharing & Interactions

The internet is a wonderful thing, and it gives us easy access to so much information.  I enjoy reading what other educat

My latest online experience!

My webinar was a success! Attendance far exceeded my expectations and the planned expectations of the organizers of the event.

My Perceived Digital Identity

Having gone through all the materials for Week 1, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my digital perso

Digital identity and remote teaching in Spring 2020

I have never really thought about my digital identity before, so the readings for week 1 presented a new way of thinking.  I