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I have often wondered about who gets to see whose work, how, and where. At least in my case when I published my articles in subscription only publications, I often wondered who and when will others see my work? I have no answers. I have many questions. What about my colleagues who work with me at AUC or in my department? Should I share with them my latest piece? Am I breaking some rule somewhere?

I asked and was told by numerous publishers that the article is MINE. So I can share it with my colleagues. Obviously when in print on a journal, newsletter, or site, it has a life of its own. But until then, I do share with my close community.

I often wondered about the why? In my case, most recently in addition to the well wishes and congrats from colleagues, five of my colleagues genuinely expressed interest in the content of what I had to say in my latest publication. Obviously, thanks to all who emailed or sent messages via whats app to congratulate me. But, three colleagues actually took time out of their very busy schedules to visit my class to observe how I apply the tasks I describe. Two others visited me in my office for a discussion and a hands on session of impromptu show and tell. Oh, and I forgot the two others who stopped me in the corridor on the way to classes to double check some detail in my article. I can “infer” that they plan to use the tasks I suggested.

In my mind, this is the true meaning of Digital Scholarship, and by the way also the true meaning of professional development & “scholarship” in general, whether digital or not.

My latest publication in print July 2020.

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