My latest online experience!

My webinar was a success! Attendance far exceeded my expectations and the planned expectations of the organizers of the event. Officially, I was told the number was one hundred and ninety three participants. Impressive but also a very humbling experience. I thought it would be me alone, and in other more optimistic musings … only a handful of attendees!

The truth is … five minutes into the LIVE event I was lost in the sea of images on zoom and I forgot that I have an audience staring at me, waiting for me to share what I know, and wanting to hear something interesting. I noticed the chat was on fire, moving so very quickly in answer to my questions. Yes, I told myself I have an audience. They are engaged and interacting with me. Still I decided to focus on one person, the one I want to reach and connect with. By default the others would hopefully have the same experience.

It is very hard to cater to the needs of your audience, especially an audience of colleagues with whom I work and with home I have had professional relationships for many years. Public humiliation was not on my mind because I did my best to deal with it while preparing for my webinar. I simply wanted to enjoy the hour and a half. And, I did.

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  1. So did I, Rania, as did many attendees, given their comments in the Chat space. Waiting for the announcement of your coming online course!

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