My Perceived Digital Identity

Having gone through all the materials for Week 1, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what my digital personal identity is! In terms of whether I am a visitor or resident, I would say I am somewhere in between. As for the three types of use, I would say I am mostly involved in consumption and conversation than in creation. I believe this has something to do with my personality. I tend to be rather reserved and not willing to publicly share personal matters, such as pictures of myself and my family or my views on certain topics, particularly when it comes to politics and religion. Having said this, I do frequent Facebook when I am on a break or commuting on the AUC bus. I did have a Twitter account that I created in 2012 but I find it quite bewildering because I get the impression one is constantly being bombarded with snippets of information, whether useful or not; nevertheless, this course has reignited my interest in it and I hope to be able to use it more efficiently. Moreover, I also use WhatsApp a lot as I feel safe doing so. Of course, I also use Zoom in my teaching and attendance of courses and webinars and Skype for chatting with family and friends abroad. Finally, I also love to visit various websites, particularly academic, professional and those related to international and national news agencies, and I Google nearly everything:))

3 thoughts on “My Perceived Digital Identity

  1. Hey Mariam – great to see your first blogpost!

    I understand Twitter can be bewildering.. mostly if you look at your entire timeline. I never do that. Think of just searching for a particular hashtag, your notifications, or making a Twitter list of just the folks in digpins for example and following/checking those regularly. Hope the activities this week help!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog Mariam. I feel the same way! DigPINS is making me braver and more willing to try new things.

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