Week 0 – Structure


Each week of #DigPINS brings a new area of focus that leads us through the “PINS” in #DigPINS. While each week introduces a new topic, our discussions often build off of and overlap with each other.

Here’s the schedule for 2020:

  • Week 1: Digital Identity – June 1st
  • Week 2: Digital Networks – June 8th
  • Week 3: Digital Pedagogy – June 15th
  • Week 4: Digital Scholarship – June 22nd

You’ll notice we don’t actually go in P I N S order — unfortunately “#DigINPS”doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


The time commitment to actively participate in this experience is estimated to be roughly 3-5 hours a week, but it could vary depending on your interest and motivation.

There will be a small amount of “content” for every topic (pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship) that will be posted here and linked in the menu above. Although we are hoping you will spend some time with this content in the form of readings, podcasts or videos, the bulk of what makes #DigPINS great is participation in conversation and community. It is up to you how much of your time you spend with our local cohort (via a private channel within Slack) or the global cohort (via public channels in Slack and webinars) or even the broader education community via Twitter using hashtag #DigPINS.


Every topic (pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship) will have a guiding page on this site with prompts where the facilitators will post readings, videos, and planned activities for that topic.

The Overview Page – What is this all about?

Participation – What does participating in #DigPINS look like?

Structure – (Psst… you are on the Structure Page)

Digital Tools – #DigPINS uses a variety of digital tools and this page has details about many of them.

Header image of Flame Trees in Dokki, taken by Maha Bali in May.

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